Jeffrey Dean, Criminal Defense Attorney

Shylah Van

I have had a great experience with Jeff Dean as my defense attorney. His professionalism and knowledge of the law is of the highest standards and I couldn’t imagine a better outcome than what I received working with him on multiple difficult cases. It was obvious that the judges and prosecutors respect Jeff Dean. I’m proud to be a client of Jeffrey Dean Law Office and would recommend his services to anyone. Jeff tirelessly guided me through the legal process and gave my cases the time and energy needed to be totally successful in court. I am very appreciative of all the support my family and I received from criminal defense attorney Jeff Dean. Thank you !!

Alyson Baker

Jeff provided incredible representation and easily met and exceeded my expectations. He was very communicative and eased my anxieties throughout the entire process, and it’s easy to tell he genuinely cares about those he’s working with. I absolutely recommend his services to anyone!

Mr Oliver

Jeff Dean worked hard to prove my innocence and he did it brilliantly. I was charged with a sex offense and Jeff took the case to trial and won. His defense was brilliant. The jury found me not guilty in just 40 minutes. Having a clean record is a big relief and I am eternally thankful for having Jeff Dean as my criminal defense lawyer!!!

Bounthiene Thongmanivong

Jeff Dean is an exceptional criminal defense attorney. I reached out to him to represent me with legal matters. He is a thorough, strong minded attorney, articulate, informed, and an expert in his field. Mr. Dean got my charge dismissed permanently. I am thrilled with the outcome. Should you face legal troubles I highly recommend Mr. Jeff Dean to represent you. Respectfully, Bounthiene

Joseph Watters

Jeff has represented me on two occasions and with very satisfactory results. I have seen what happens to individuals who appear in court without legal counsel. they are at the mercy of the prosecuting attorneys office. Its a frighting and intimidating situation. Its an unequal playing field but Jeff's years of experience and knowledge of the law balances that playing field. Because of Jeff's history of winning and his relationship with the courts and prosecutors you can be assured you are being represented by the best. I have highly recommended Jeff to friends and family and I highly recommend him for you!

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